I have Windows 7 Professional 64 bit edition. After booting up and logging in I sometimes get BSoD. then the system reboots and I can log in normally. It doesn't happen too often, but it does occur often enough for me to notice there's a problem. Windows asks to check for a solution to the problem after logging in, but never gives me a solution.

Any ideas on how to proceed and what to do.

thanks in advance.

I sometimes get BSoD. then the system reboots and I can log in normally

Thats not an Error. it's a system feature. :p

Usually it means a driver fault somewhere, and from that usually it's more often the graphics driver. Try and Update your graphics Card Driver if it's already new try and downgrade to a more stable one. IF you installed anything new recently or right after you started getting the blue screens it's best to check there first.

If you provide more information I can probably help you more.


when a bsod occur. take the number that appear. and google it anywhere else. you will find the answer

When the screen appears it only appears for a short time. Memory is quickly dumped then windows restarts. There is not enough time to read or write down the error code.

I have the latest stable version of my video card driver, I have an ATI Radeon hd 4350 graphics card.

Is there some sort of log that I can post to help solve the problem?

Recently ran disk cleanup so I think that may have deleted all the mini dumps. Ill have to run the program next time the bsod occurs.

ok, please do so.

Right got the blue screen again. According to the program the error code is 0x9f. I looked at the microsoft help article for win 7 it did not help.

What do the files at the bottom half of the screen mean on the bluescreen program?

What computer do you have? Make model or specs.

Also please list all the USB peripherals attached to the machine.

Your system not supported 64 bit. Your pc have 32 bit hardware structure.

intel quad core q8200 2.33ghz
4gb ram
ati radeon hd 4350
windows 7 profesional 64 bit edition.

USB's attached keyboard, mouse and Belkin N wireless USB dongle

ive done a bit of searching and I think the problem may be that I do not have the correct driver for my wireless USB. Windows installed one for me, I have downloaded and installed the drivers provided by Belkin on their website and hope this should help.

I agree you have a driver problem, not sure which one.

But USB is a good bet.