I recently had problems with my computer and I was able to fix most of them exept for one and I was hoping someone could help me fix it. I am running Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition with Service Pack 2 installed. I have World of Warcraft (MMORPG for those who don't know) installed on my computer and when when I try to run it my cursor turns into an hourglass and instantly turns back into the arrow. When I try to start it from the CD, I get an error that says it can't access archive model.mpq. So I tryed to uninstall it but when I press the uninstall button something opens on my taskbar and then closes. When I try to uninstall it from the CD, the autorun installer menu only refreshes. I tryed to remove it from the Add/Remove programs list but i cant remove it from there. I also deleted the directory from my hard drive and tryed to reinstall it, however the samething happened as when i tryed to uninstall it from the CD, it only refreshes. I also noticed my computer wont allow me to uninstall PC Tools Anti-Virus. If someone could help me, please reply to this post.

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Sounds like a tricky one.

Could you check any error events, in your event viewer.

To open Event Viewer, >> Start > Run > Type "eventvwr.msc"

You will notice, that you have three logs, Application, Security, System.

Well, ignore Security. In the other two, you will see that every entry is time stamped. So, try to open WoW, as to recreate the error, and then, check if it produces any ERROR reports.

You can either copy the details here, for our assistance, or check out the MS link yourself.

Other than that, I can only think to suggest a Windows Repair, or Reinstall.

GL, Dave

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