Hi there.

I've been trying to access this site all day today http://www.fans-of-mcleods.com/ it usually works for me. But today all the images appear as those stupid "x" 's .

Everyone else who I've spoken to says that the site works fine for them. I'm the only one having a problem.

I tried deleting my cookies and history, I also reinstalled IE, but nothing has helped.

It's really starting to irritate me. I hope its not a virus!.

If anyone can help please let me know.


Ok, do you have a firewall on? Sometimes if the images are being downloaded from a seperate server the firewall can block this. Try turning it down if you do.

I took the fire wall down and it hasn't made any difference

Well im stumped then. The only thing I could think of is your visiting the site offline and its only showing the cached html, not the images, but if your visiting this site fine then I don’t know :/ anyone else got any ideas?

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