I am having a problem I hope someone can help me with. I am using Adaptec Easy CD Creator v.3.5c to burn data and audio cd's on my pc which is running Windows ME. The problem is this: when I burn files to a cd everything seems to be going fine and the files are copied to the cd, but when I try to add more files at a later date, it says the cd is full. This happens no matter how how little data has been copied. The last attempt resulted in only 2.5mb copied to the cd. When you right click the drive icon and select properties, it tells you there is no free space as well. I have tried uninstalling the software and reinstalling it. That has not done any good. If there is anyone who has any idea what to do I would appreciate some help. Thanks

Its been so long since i use Adaptec ,but you need to set it before the burn to not close the cd so you can keep adding file ,you will not be able to read the cd in another cddrive,until your last burn and you choose to close the cd at the end of the burn .

Sounds like caperjack has it- That's exatcly what you would experience with a "closed" (aka "finalized") disk. Check your program's preference settings.

I had thought to check the program settings for closing the disk. The default setting is to close the session but leave the disk open for adding files in the future and it is still set up that way. Thank you for the suggestion though. Any other thoughts?

I never did have any luck with that option,close session but leave cd open . when i use it .I always had to left it open and then finalize it when full.
Now that cd are only about .50 cents each i just burn and close everything .

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