Hello everyone ... I'm desparate!!!!
Ever since I downloaded the new version of AOL and all of it's new security features I have had constant problems with my home and work computers ... I've contacted AOL several times about this and to no avail they tell me to do the same thing the 20 times that I have called them ... [uninstall all the AOL components, defrag, and then re-install AOL and it's features] ... it seems to get worse everytime ... I can't even shutdown or restart my pc anymore ... have to do it manually ... and when windows does start back up it's got this RUNDLL error message that pops up ... now the AOL welcome screen doesn't have the web address box, AOL explorer starts up and then quickly closes, and regular internet explorer doesn't work either. I have noticed that when I changed my webpage to a different site I can browse the internet, but when I try to go to the AOL site Internet Explorer sends me a message saying there is an error and will have to shutdown!!!!!!!!!!!???????????????????????

Any suggestions???
I'm at the "pulling-my-hair-out" stage ... I can't even check my e-mail or use my pc from the comfort of my home anymore!!!

Mellissa Esfahani :eek:

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Begin by downloading CCleaner, and specifically choosing the most recent version.

Then, follow these steps:

1. Close all programs so that you are at your desktop.
2. Double-click on the "My Computer" icon.
3. Select the "Tools" menu and click "Folder Options".
4. After the new window appears select the "View" tab.
5. Place a checkmark in the checkbox labeled "Display the contents of system folders".
6. Under the "Hidden files and folders" section select the radio button labeled "Show hidden files and folders".
7. Remove the checkmark from the checkbox labeled "Hide file extensions for known file types".
8. Remove the checkmark from the checkbox labeled "Hide protected operating system files". 9. Press the "Apply" button and then the "OK" button and shutdown My Computer.
10. Now your computer is configured to show all hidden files.

Now, install the program. Open it, and choose the 'Options' tab. Inside, hit the 'Custom' tab, and add the following folders (Note: Not all of these files are on every computer. If one of these isn't present, skip it):

C:\Documents and Settings\<Every user listed>\Local Settings\Temp
C:\Documents and Settings\<Every user listed>\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5
C:\Documents and Settings\<Every user listed>\Local Settings\History
C:\Documents and Settings\<Every user listed>\Cookies

After doing this, move back to the 'Cleaner' tab, and inside this, be sure your open to the 'Windows' tab. Inside, check the box labeled 'Custom Files and Folders'.

Next, after following all of these steps, you're ready to scan. Run scans in only the 'Cleaner' tab. Note: It might take several scans to remove all of the junk.

Try running this.

After, post back on the results.


commented: pretty nice...you've got skills..lol_hacker101 +1

Thank you sooooooooo much Stein ... I want to kiss your feet ... that did the trick ... still having issues with shuting down or restarting the pc ... it gets to the end and then I have to manually turn off the pc ... any suggestions?
May your day shine bright,

Several things.

1) Does this problem happen every time youre online, or just when you open the internet?

2) Have you tried FireFox? If not, I would install it and see if it works.

3) I would also uninstall and reinstall AOL and IE again, as they may have become corrupted.

Also, I've moved this to the correct place.

Finally I solved the rundll dilema:)
You have to download "autoruns" and delete the faulty entries
For more details, go to my web-spot: freewebs.com/cswalbum5/rundll.htm


Hi Everyone. Upon startup I get a window reading "error loading c:\windows\ustvin.dll could not be found upon startup". I also get another window reading "c:\windows\aditicabaqey.dll specified module could not be found". I am using Windows XP. I tried following the instructions of Stein's post of Sept 8th, 2006 but had trouble once I got into CCleaner on how to add the custom folders. Seems like it would only let me add one, but not more than one at a time. What would you suggest, and would any of those folder addition suggestions have changed over time? Thanks for any help.

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