Media player 11 says my pocketpc 2003 device is "too old to sync" but activesync 4.2 (newest has no problem)

what i wanna know is, before i shell out for Vista:

a) will sync centre be on all versions (home,pro etc...) or will i need the more expensive version

b) will it work with pocketpc 2003 devices

no i think m$ are just dropping support for 2003 devices as it says "your device is too old, please upgrade"

I can tell your a fan of Microsoft proliant fan ;)
Basically the reason that this is occuring is like AD said the new verison of Windows Media Player in still in BETA and does not support all verisons of PocketPC, yet! aparntly though they will be doing so soon.

Yeah, but WM 11 Beta 1 worked fine but Beta 2 doesnt!
sounds to me like there cutting wm2003 users out of the picture.......

Actually i do like ms just not xp or 9x i only like 2k, 2003, nt4 and 3x

Go windows 3.0!!!

3.11 rocks i found out there exists an ie5 16 bit edition for it

really? that is awesome. MS should make live cd's for all those all systems so we could relive the old times without having to install anything.

yeah 20 odd dloppy disks i have

And the win32's disk (lets it run 9x programs - about the same compatibility as wine does for linux)