Ok guys I need some help. Ok, I use a brand Sony CD-R's to record all my music and stuff. Well my friend wanted me to burn some CDs for her and she gave me the Maxell kind and I keep getting this error.
Ive tried lowering the speed and it still doesnt help. So far everytime I burn with Sony CDs theyre fine but Maxell and sometimes TDK CD's always give me that error. Any one got any ideas on how to help me?


answer is in the error ,try a different brand of cds' ,not all brands are compatiable with you burner .

* Is it only WMP that has trouble with the discs, or do yo have other burning apps which reject the disks as well?
* Are you absolutely sure that the CDs you have trouble with are definitely blank?
* Please give us the exact make/model of the burner drive, as well as the name and version of the driver you're using.

MATSHITA DVD-RAM UJ-8318 and yes im positive that the cd's are blank. What other burning software should i try if its just wmp?

* The fact that the drive is a combo DVD/CD unit makes it more likely that caperjack's suggestion regarding compatibility is true. Not all brands of media are certified to work with all makes/models of drives, and even if "certified", certain media may not actually perform reliably with a given device. Also- judging from the feedback in a lot of the CD/DVD burning tech support forums, your particular model (UJ-813s) appears to be more than a bit finicky (read: it sucks).

* "Nero" is a burning application which many people (including myself) use; you might try it (or another 3rd-party program) to eliminate WMP itself as the possible culprit. Nero can also give you some useful diagnostic/test/troubleshooting info regarding your CD/DVD drive(s)

* If you haven't already, try to locate, download, and install the latest firmware for the drive; that might help.

Where should i go to update my drivers? Thanks for your thorough reply.

You need to check your computer manufacturer's online support site; that particular model line (UJ-8xx) of drives is OEM equipment which is not directly supported by Panasonic/Matshita.