Hi, must appologise for bieng a bit new to computers, but already I've collected together quite a list of sites in my favourites list, some are in their own folders and some aren't. Can anyone tell me how to print a list of these sites which shows the actual web address ? - is this possible ?

Also, is it a similar process to save this to a cd ?

- have had problems with computers before (mostly created by me) and have lost loads of info, this time I've got my data stored but can't suss out how to ack up my favourites list

Many thanks for your time ! ----- Paul J;)

Hey there,

It looks like Windows stores favorites items at:

C:\Documents and Settings\WindowsLogon\Favorites
(where WindowsLogon = your windows username)

If you do a start -> run -> C:\Documents and Settings\WindowsLogon\Favorites a folder of your favorites will appear. You can then organize them how you want (list, details, etc).

Then, the best way that I'm aware of is to take a screen capture, crop it, and print it.

This won't work if they are saved under a name other than the website. The only thing I can think of is to go into the property sheet of each page (right click on the favourite>properties) and copy the url of each one into a text file, then print it. Or just open each one and copy the url in the address bar.

Hope this helped,


This is not a perfect solution, but it does work…

Export all of your bookmarks to an html file. From IE: Go to: File | Import Export |

Open the file in Word…. But open it as a text only document.

For each bookmark you will see some additional information, as follows for DaniWeb.com:

<DT><A HREF="http://daniweb.com/" ADD_DATE="1076003400" LAST_VISIT="1083606501" LAST_MODIFIED="1076003401">DaniWeb.Com</A>

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where's the www?