This happens intermittently all the time, but at times like today, it just go on.
This is what happens:
Our website is hosted by a company in Honk Kong.
No one inside our office, on either of the 2 dsl connections can open our own website on the host, but can surf the internet without problems.
At the same time anyone outside our office (same city, outside china) can open the site.
If I try access the site via proxy like, I can open it without problems also.

I changed my connection settings any possible way I can imagine without success.

Needless to say the ISP (CNC) and the host just pull up their shoulders and my boss is jumping up and down behind me!!!!!

I think it's got something to do with DNS that has to be reversed back... several things you can try:

  • If your server is inside your network (not directly connected to the Internet), you can type in its local IP address into your web browser to view the site.
  • If your server is outside your network, type in its external IP address into a web browser.

Either way, you're not using DNS, so it should work.

No. Our office is in Beijing. The host is in Hong Kong.
So I am accessing the site in the same way any other internet user would.
And yes, the problem seems to be only inside our office....look for yourself at The site is dead like a stick for me, but you will be able to access it.
Probably coincidence that this is OUR company's website huh?

For what it matter:
If I ping the site: No response
FTP: I can upload and download files to the webserver using WS_FTP application
SQL Server: I can connect to my database at the host from Enterprise Manager, run queries in query analyzer.

No. Our office is in Beijing. The host is in Hong Kong.

Now THAT is odd. Does the server's IP address work?

Obviously it isn't your website, but this could yield some clues. And does work on your browser?

Failure of either of these would make me think that there's something up with your ISPs DNS servers.

Odd indeed. IP address does not work, but yes, can see host's site.
Just realized, that after I pulled and went crazy with cables on the messy bunch of switches, routers, cables, that I could access the site a while, then it stopped again.
So seems in some way something INSIDE the network is blocking this specific IP address?
There is 2 adsl lines, and 2 routers, but seems the same problem on both.
I dont know much abut it, but i got into the console application of the one router (by typing in the ip address of the routher) but the whole darn thing is in Chinese!!!!!