I have a dell latitude D610 laptop running XP Prof Service pack 2 with an Intel Pent M Proc 1.86 GHz with 2 GB of Ram. For what follows I note that my wife has precisely the same type of laptop. My wife and I work at a university which has its own VPN. Both of us have virtual drives on a samba server in the mathematics department of the university. We use Windows Explorer to map to this drive. For some time we had no difficulties. Recently, however, I have had serious time problems switching directories, opening files, synchronizing drives, etc. My wife does not have these difficulties. The problems go away when I disconnect the network drive. When doing most anything the small VPN connection icon remains lit. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Tom

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Hi Tom

Could you confirm, that both you and your wife use the same connection across Campus, it may be a fault with the connection.

There could be a number of problems the Laptop is having. The best way to identify the problem, and provide a good solution, is for you to provide details from your Event Logs, which should have errors relating to your problem.

The Event Viewer, can be accessed by

>> Start > Run > Type "eventvwr.msc".

Event Viewer contains three logs, Application, Security and System. All log entries are time stamped, so if you could examine the log for any "Error" messages, and post entries for "Source", "Event ID" and "Description", we should be able to find a solution.

Kind Regards, David


Well, considering I have a home network of about 4 computers hooked up to a server in the basement, all i can offer is one problem.

Too many users are trying to access the same server through the same switch/hub that you are.

If it's just you and wife on the server, then i dont know what to tell you. Sorry if i wasnt much help

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