Ever since my HDD crashed and I got a new one and installed Win XP PRO SP2 back on it, every time I double click on a folder a new window pops up. If I have a lot of folders to go thru to get where I want to go, I have a whole desktop full of windows.

I've went to tools/folder/options in explorer and it is set to open each folder in the same window. I went to folder options in control panel and it's set the same.

Why doesn't windows do what it's told to do? :(

Did you do a clean OS Reinstall?

If the setting isn't holding, it could be user profile corruption. Create a new user account in the User Accounts control panel, and log into it. See if it happens in this new account. If it does do it in the new account, you could actually have a stuck SHIFT key :)

I did a clean install. I deleted the partition and created a new one then installed WIN XP PRO SP2.

I have 3 user accounts and it does it on all of them.

And if the shift key was stuck wouldn't everything be typed in caps?

You think it could be that the option is not getting set in the registry? :-|