used Mozbackup to import my settings from the XP install

if you are an IE/Outlook user, the inbuilt vista files and settings transfer wizard is actually amazing.

A patched up version of ultimate Sp1 with all the additions like IIS adds up to 19.2gb, just enough so windows wont complain about swapfiles

but strip it down to the basics and cut that number in half!!

yeah but a full xp install is under 4gb. Where the hell does the other 15+ gb go!

the other 15+ gb goes to the $#** microsoft puts in their products. probably a time bomb to destroy you files after a couple of years!! LOL!!!

I really want to try windows vista but i got a problem with it.. I can't run my software that i am using in my work.. so this is what really bothers me..

what software is it that you are wanting to work with? You can try to work with it after you set its properties to be compatible with xp on Vista. Apparently that can get the softwares working which are not compatible with vista.


dual boot vista and xp

christ. 8 spams in a row. Lock?

Thank you. Just wish I had read that beforehand. I had problems with installing it at first but all ok now.

id say 60gb

vista + office + drivers + updates comes to like 35+ gb

That's funny because I have Vista installed on a 25 Gb partition and XP on a 15 GB partition with all my data on a 26 GB partition. I also have a hidden recovery partition, all of which would add up to 80 Gb.

My system is fully functional at 25 Gb but I have to admit that I had to resize the partition size from an orginal 20Gb because after SP1 Vista just got fatter.

I'm not against the arguement that Vista is bloated, but that's what you get for loading up all the supposed features of Vista even though you only have a license for, say Business or Home. Besides, Mac is generally designed for reliability and scurity not flexibility and compatibility. However, in terms of security... I think the tables have turned for Mac and Vista. google pwn2own :))

Has anyone tried installing any Mac OS on any other machine other than what it was built for? (not an arguement but a real question)

Yes i know people who have, but dont discuss it here as its technically illegal (it says in the OS X EULA that you cant install it on non apple hardware) and it doesnt work very well due to the fact that macs have a few differences to normal pcs (for one thing they use EFI instead of a BIOS)

I figured as much with OS X, but thanks for the heads up.

cool work

hey how are u? every one here

i need to no updater antivirus

Hackintosh! slapple macks lie book! It's not microsoft that should scare us, It's those spooky folks over at Intel.

How the heck does a company that builds sub standard product, lead the market for years and then to boot, they manage to grab the other major commercial os manufacturer!

Apple have opened themselves up to all kinds of backyard hackery!

Just imagine, the skullduggery of it all :-o !


Try to play with the MBR(master boot record) of a HDD and you will find installing of a Vista quite boring. Heh, you won't install it, because Vista will write: You cannot install this OS on this disk, because it is a dynamic disc. But the main part is, that it won't let you format the HDD or anything else except exit from the installation.

Format the hard drive as exFAT. This workaround gets you past the Windows 7 install problem as well.

vista is a nice & stylist window.


It is very useful.

Re: installing Win Vista, i've found quit a wonderful working enviroment working with vista, in that its more secure as not many are capable of easily accessing my documents as compared to earlier versions.
All the same for the first time you have to learn it to understand then loving it!

hii every one

Hello everyone i am completely new to this forum.
Interested in learning many new things. Hope we all will share our
knowledge and talk about different concepts in this forum.

put xp on the first primary partition on the first drive if possible. It will stop it complaining. Vista is less picky

I have Vista installed on a 70 gig partition. With all my software installed, my C: drive uses just under 32 gigs...

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