Hey does anyone know if 64-bit, has at least basic drivers, cuz i heard it dosnt have much of crap!??:mrgreen: :rolleyes:

Im pretty sure that 64 bit processors can support drivers. What you are probably thinking of is an operating system like Windows 64 or w/e which only supports 64 bit applications (I actually dont know if they sell this still or if it was ever a product). But yea a 64 bit processor should be backwards compatible with 32 bit drivers.

my bad when i said "64-bit" i meant windows 64-bit version

In this forum they discussed about the drivers. Several types of drivers like Network drivers, Video drivers, USB drivers, Graphic drivers, Windows drivers and many more.


In most cases you'll have no problem with drivers when installing 64 bit windows.
You may have to search for some drivers for peripherals, but this has never been a major problem for me.
64 bit support is much improved from even a year ago.

It needs signed drivers. Also, XP x64 isnt actually xp under the hood, under the hood its based on windows server 2003, so use the drivers designed for that.

Vista x64 has much better compatibility

Stay away from XP x64 unless you really need it