Good Afternoon All
I’m very new to creating access databases. I am attempting to great a resource library of all the Books, videos and files that I have to manage. I have created 2 tables and a form with a Sub form attached to it. What I am hoping to do, is when I input the name of the manufacture/Publisher of the resource, the sub form will automatically have the details filled in the sub form. The purpose of the sub form is to display manufacture/Publisher contact and address details. So far I am having the worst time as I am not really tech savvy when it comes to writing VB Code, Any help would be GREATLY APPRECIATED.
Many thanks

can you please explain what tables you have made and what all data you have in tables
ex: in table 2 have you stored all the publishers name and all details

I have created 2 tables.
The Fist is known as Main Table and contains the following information.

Item ID
Serial No
Name of Item
Item No
Type of Item

Where Item ID is an automated # the rest of the fields refer to data about the resource.

The Second table is known as the Supplier table, it contains the following.

Supplier ID
Supplier Name
Postal Code
Phone Number
Fax Number
Email Address
Item ID

Supplier ID is an auto generated #, the rest are details about the Supplier.

What i want to happen is that after the updates of details to the Manufacture/Publisher field on the Main Form (main table) the Sub form will auto complete the detail by drawing from the Supplier table. The Manufacture/Publisher details should trigger the update of the Sub form.

Many thanks for your assistance.