Hey guys, my computer just started acting up, so I was searching the net for a solution, and I came upon this great site.

My computer has hardly ever had any problems in the past few years, but this morning, it suddenly became very slow. Once I turned on the computer, the normal DELL screen comes up, and then the Windows XP loading screen comes up. Afterwards, a black screen just hangs there for a very long time, at least 5 minutes. Then, the normal startup things happen, but very slowly as well. Once the system is booted, everything runs so slowly that I can't even use the computer.

There is one thing that happened overnight. I left my computer on, and I think the power went out around 1am. Does anyone know what's wrong and how I can fix this?

It's possible that a virus is causing it but not very likely if the post is slow

A power surge may have damaged something internally ,do you feel confident enough to take a peek inside the case?no need to touch anything,just look for charring or melting(disconnect everything first,hold down the power button for 10 secs while its unplugged and ground yourself on a radiator or metal case first)First try all below:

-Check the device manager for disabled drivers

-run a virus scan

-press "ctrl" + "alt" + "delete",click on "performance" and report how much free physical memory you have

-in the same screen click on processes and report what processes have you're username next to them and the number beside them

-click start-all programs-accessories-system tools-disk cleanup and run it

-click start-all programs-accessories-system tools-disk defragmenter and run it

-click click start-all programs-accessories-system tools-system restore and restore your pc to a day before the system slowed down(it's ok you won't lose any files)

Thanks for your help. I looked at the inside, but couldn't see any problems. The rest of your suggestions however, I did not get to yet. My computer is so slow that simple tasks such as Start Bar --> Control Panel take about 20-30 minutes.

In that case I would prioritise the virus scan,system restore and checking what processes are running.Try booting into safe mode and see if it goes any faster for you

If the system is slow even during POST, download an app called as memtest86 and run a scan of the memory. The very fact that the problem occured after a power outage and that the post is slow indicates some fault at the hardware level. Also, try resetting the BIOS to the default values. Get back to us with the results.

if it is windows thats bad and its a fairly new dell you can hit a certian key combo at bootup to reinstall XP (you will loose all of your stuff)

google it


From reading you post ...I had a simliar problem with a clients computer. Replaced Power supply and problem solved.

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