Can any of you tell me the way to clean ALL temp files? If I do it on TOOLS, Internet Options, clear temp files..Is that enough

OR is there a better way like on windows 98 explorer, look for drive c, Temp files & clear the file folder..

Can someone explain exactly how to get to that information without doing it though IE 6.0?????

TKX :rolleyes:

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Questions should go in the section for the appropriate Windows version, djm 123. I've moved this to the Windows 98 section for you.


Why is this titled "XP & Cleaning Temp files" if it's about Win98?

It's been awhile since I've used 98, but I think these are the folders to look for:
C:Windows\Temporary Internet Files

You can also do a search for *.tmp


Start - Programs - Accessories - system Tools - Disk Cleanup

Then, if you're really, really fussy about it, you can search for and delete the following. Windows will continue to work:

All files in \Windows\Temp which are dated earlier than the current date
*.- in the system drive root directory
*.1st in the sytem drive root directory (if you've backed up the registry)
*.bmp on \WINDOWS (If you don't use Wallpepers)
*.CAB (If you have a Windows CD to add and remove Windows components from)
*.chk in the system drive root directory
*.log in the system drive root directory or in \WINDOWS
*.old (Unless they are files you've purposely renamed and you need again)

I wouldn't bother. In total, such files usually only take up a small portion of overall drive space, and only slow things down to a negligible extent. If you're getting cramped for space, add another drive!

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