This problem started when I recently did a live update on my 2002 Norton Firewall. I had just re-subscribed a few weeks earlier. I have a cable modem, Windows XP, and use AOL and IE primarily. Having the Firewall had never been a problem up until now. When I disable the Firewall, the speed returns, so I know that therein lies the problem. I was hoping there was some way to "undo" the update, or just reconfigure things.
RyanOnline said he solved what seemed like the same problem when he upgraded his Norton AntiVirus software, but he has Norton Internet Security as a package, I believe. Should I just upgrade my Antivirus software to a 2004 version? What about the Firewall? Does that have to be upgraded as well? Seems a waste of money, since I just re-upped, but I'll do what it takes. I had also heard of problems people have had upgrading, and not being able to completely erase the old version.
Someone please help. This is killing me. It is horribly slow. Thanks so much.


There are loads of problems related to Symantec software and AOL. Here's a link to Symantec's site where you can begin to deal with your issue.

Unfortunately AOL does not work correctly.
There is no way, in my opinion, to recover fully from having AOL on your system except a rebuild.
I've never been a fan of Norton Firewall either.
Good luck!

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