I'm making a internal website for my company that will run a program and preform an inventory of that computer. i have it all set up with the iis and its up and running if you type in the its location, now what i'm wondering is this, is there a way to have it setup so that when i type something like Inventory in the browser will that work. pretty much i just want a way were i don't have to type in the location.

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I think this can be done with certain IE Toolbars or extensions. Not a default feature though.

Well thats nice that my post has been dropped down to internet explorer. even though it really has nothing to do with internet explorer other than the fact that it is a web page.
But thanks anyways.


Attitude won't get you too far, but I agree and moved the post back into 2003 where it belongs.

Now, onto your problem.

You want to type in http:\\inventory and have it come up with the listing on that particular computer (the server), or are you hoping that \\inventory shows you the inventory on every computer? I think you said you have a program that does it's thing on the server, and will leave the results in a file on that server in the IIS "home".

If that is the case, all you need to do is make a DNS entry into your environment that maps inventory to that computer's IP address. Now, bear in mind that if other things are stored on that computer, such as a website with the local weather information, then you might have to work things a different way. You might want to have a http:\\servername\inventory and a http:\\servername\weather in that case.

But if all you want to do is look at that one inventory on that one server, the DNS case explained above will work.


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