Hope someone here can assist us. Our rip server recently crashed hard while playing an Art Bell radio show, with the audio sounding just like a cd skipping. Since that date, we have reinstalled the system in order to get it to a point where it will run and print film for us, but it is still restarting itself for no apparent reason at random times.

I have searched for an answer to this problem, but the closest I can find symptom-wise is that it sounds like a worm. We do not have an email program on this machine, but it is networked with a Mac that does.

This ornery machine is an integral part of our business, so I kinda need pointing in the right direction..... we've bought a new hard drive, but have not yet installed it. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!

Judy Gex

A windows 2000 machine, you say? Does it have any antivirus protection installed? Does it have a firewall installed? What sort of internet/network connection does it have? (i.e. a direct connection to a high speed provider that would make it prone to hacking/viruses?)

How about video card? Updated video card drivers? Latest Windows 2000 Windows Update patches installed?

DirectX 8 and 9 might also cause random resarts. Make sure you're using the latest version of DirectX along with the latest video card drivers.

Random reboots can also be caused from RAM memory being incorrectly seated in the motherboard. i.e. has the computer recenty received a small jolt/physically moved or anything that could shake things around inside, even just a lil?

Was any new hardware recently installed or removed? IRQ conflicts among hardware devices may also be problematic. A fresh Windows installation may have reassigned IRQ ports to different devices. Check the System Information program under Advanced Tools/System and look for problematic devices.

We're on a dsl line, no anti-virus or fw... I've tried to get Jeff to install that, but he thinks it's ok as long as there is no email coming in... :rolleyes:

All patches & updates from MS were current when it crashed.

I did gently move the machine to remove/replace the mouse shortly before the crash. I'll check the ram.

no new hardware except the mouse.

Could the crash have caused there to be a bad spot on the hd? Should we consider installing a new internal bootable drive?

Thanks so much.... we're primarily mac people. This pc stuff still baffles us. :o

First of all, on a DSL line antivirus and firewall are mandatory. While it's true that many viruses are transferred by e-mail, it most certainly isn't the only way to get a virus by far. (On a high speed network such as a DSL line, hackers can VERY EASILY break into your system without a firewall!)

If you're really dead set not to install a firewall, at bare minimum please activate the Windows XP built-in firewall. You reallllllly do need antivirus protection and a firewall though.

It might be mouse drivers?? I doubt it though. I would open up the computer and just ensure all the PCI cards and RAM are correctly snugly seated in their respective places. A lose connection somewhere may be a cause of random restarts. In addition, the few minutes it takes to open up a computer and check it are more than worth the hours of aggrivation.

I would agree, you need antivirus software and a firewall. There are free antivirus software packages around, but I would spend the $40.00 for Norton Antivirus (IMHO: The interface is much more userfriendly than McAfee) Make sure you do updates at least every week on your antivirus software. For firewalls, check out ZoneAlarm: http://www.zonelabs.com from ZoneLabs. It is pretty robust, and works well. Just make sure it is configured properly to allow connections to the services you want.

Also: check out http://us.mcafee.com/root/mfs/default.asp, this is a free online virus scan from mcafee (I know, I did just say I didn't like their UI, and I don't, but this service is pretty cool :-) It is a quick and easy way to determine if you have a virus.

Good Luck!

Art Bell radio show........lol

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i would strongly suggest kaspersky Anti-Hacker or kerio for a firewall
and always install to a dif dir other then the default dir makes it harder for trojans/virii to disable your wall same should be done with anti virus

and this thinking you only get viryes through email is silly my scanner just caught a worm the other day that was imbeded in a script on a web site so on that note go be safe :-)

PS plz think twice about installing Zone Alarm its bloated and a resource hog and also has been known to have uninstall issues
and black ice well i wont even go thereif you do install zone( :-( )
dont freak out when you get warned every 10 sec it usualy normal net trafic :/

ya know "B" i found that the new AVG has been causing blue screens
for alot of ppl 3 o out of 5 atleast that iv talked to that have installed it on xp
not sure whats up with that i myself had the same problem and uninstalled and havend had a BS since
rather unfortunate cause iv been using avg for a very long time

I use AGV 7.0 on winxp with out any problems!:)

yet heh
but yea a few ppl i know havnt had that problem not sure what is lurking behind the problem

i would strongly suggest kaspersky Anti-Hacker or kerio for a firewall

Several known exploits for these two!

lmao norton
believe me i wish didnt have a problem with avg it catches so much more then norton although iv run norton2003 and avg once in a great while norton with catch somthing that avg misses

and for trojans i run "TDS-3 retail" and worm guard