i have my modem on a 2000 machine and have 98 and NT4 networked on a LAN, i want to get 998 and NT on the internet through 2000, i did this but had to enable DHCP, now i cannot see 98 or NT from 2000. How can i resolve this and retain internet access from 98 and NT.
Kitz E

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plz elaborate on...

...now i cannot see 98 or NT from 2000.

also, what r the bindings of each pc?
do any of the machines of multiple nics?

Hi thanks for your reply.
When i say i cannot see 98 or NT, from 2000, i mean that when i m on 2000 and click on the shortcut for either 98 or NT i get a msg. saying connot find computer.
As to the bindings, i hanvet the faintest idea!!!
As to the muliple NIC's , no , only one per machine,this is a new area to me, im at the cutting edge of my knowledge!!!!

If you have DHCP services running on your little win 2000 gateway, then double check that both the other machines are getting IPs from it ...

Release, renew etc ... make sure it grabs the correct ip.

If you gateway/win2000 computer has a address, then your other pcs will obviously need the same range ... double check the subnets are the same as well, and that the default gateway is x.x.x.1 ... of whatever range win2k gave you.

If that's all setup, then you're started in the right direction.

Next, go into your Win98 machine, and look at the network config. Under bindings, look for one that says "Allow netbios over TCP/IP". Look for this on the NT box as well. (Just for fun, also install the IPX protocol, or netbeui protocol on all three machines. This is another alternative method for LAN protocols ).

Next, to just make sure everything running properly, ping the gateway from both machines.

Next, ensure your workgroup on all three machines is the same.

Next, goto your browser and enter one of the other machines names into the path/url ...

ie . \\computername

if it burps at you again, then you're missing something from the above configuration.

Keep in mind that if you are planning on accessing data off the windows 2000 machine, you will need to setup the usernames/passswords section for sharing purposes (unless you want to enable the guest account, which would be stupid considering its wide open to the internet).

IF NONE of this helps your situation, run down to your local computer shop and pickup a Linksys 4 port DSL router ;), and all your problems will disapear!

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