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I recently downloaded and installed Mozilla Thunderbird to use as my email program, as a step up from browser-based email. However, the program requires a incoming and outcoming server input. I'm fairly sure about the incoming server.. it's the outcoming that worries me. Should it be the server of my ISP, or what? Any help or any information that would shed some light onto this would be greatly appreciated.


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Incoming mail server generally uses either the POP or IMAP protocol. The addresses generally look something like pop.isp.com or imap.isp.com.

Your outbound server for sending your messages is still from your ISP, but it usually has smtp. in front of it, because it uses the smtp mail protocol. You could take a guess, such as smtp://isp.com.

Although guessing might work, usually the best thing to do when configuring a mail client is to refer to your mail provider's instructions - often little tweaks are needed to make it work, such as changing the port on which mail is sent. So I would suggest visiting your mail provider's website, or Googling its name and "client configuration" and see if anything turns up.

Hope this helps

Mozilla thunderbird is an e-mail client, which you can use to accessibility your emails. Thunderbird is relatively securer and stabler than other items out there. Well, I am using it, and no any issue with it yet.

Who is your email provider? Gmail? Somebody else? The info you need should be easily had from the host's website or forums. Also, as a side note, most hose ISPs block outbound port 25. So you probably need to and should use SMTP over 587.

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