So far I have encountered this on and

The error message I get is this:

"Server not found

Firefox can't find the server at

Check the address for typing errors such as instead of

If you are unable to load any pages, check your computer's network

If your computer or network is protected by a firewall or proxy, make sure
that Firefox is permitted to access the Web."

I'm sure any FF user has gotten this error before.

All other sites I have tried seem to work fine. But other browsers (Opera, IE7) get the same errors. I use AOL (not out of choice) and I am always connected to the internet via a Netgear wireless router (wired to the PC). When I use the AOL browser, all sites, including Youtube and VGCats, display fine.

Help? :P

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I got the same problem too. I'm also using AOL...but I wonder if that is the case.
Some of my bookmarks links doesn't work anymore and that both on Firefox and IE and also both on my laptop and pc.

Even the advertisement on this page failed to load!

in ie ,tools /options/security have you tried putting these websites into the trusted sites .i use firefox as my main browser and have for a few yrs now.and have no problem going to what ever site i want .although i don't have to use aol thank god .

Well for me......the solution mentioned above doe'nt work!

I'm having the same problem. unable to access Youtube,, even my ftp and mysql for my website. I'm also on aol broadband, using a netgear router. I use Firefox on my laptop, and have been unable to access these sites for 2 days now. Have tried all sorts. Was thinking it was the MTU settings in the router, but now i have stumbled across this thread, it seems that people are having the same problem. I have now checked on the PC which has AOL software installed, and can access youtube on that, so it looks like an aol problem. I sent them an email yesterday, but have heard nothing back from them. I'm seriously considering quiting AOL after 10 years with them now.

If anybody finds a solution, please let me know. I'm supposed to have a website assignment handed in next Friday, and this is causing me no end of problems.

Hmm, weird. This has been happening over the past two days or so for me as well. I wonder if it's related. Maybe AOL are trying for FORCE us to use their crappy, overloaded browser?

Or maybe I'm paranoid.

Still looking for a solution that works!

Maybe AOL are trying for FORCE us to use their crappy, overloaded browser?!

i think you might be on the right track

Try accessing the sites without using bookmarks.

If this works, it means that there was something in a bookmark that is no longer valid (usually due to a site upgrade).

The bookmarks links wasn't the culprit.....I checked it using search to access the site and it still the same problem. At least you guys can access it via AOL browser, I haven't signed up for it and now it wouldn't let me create a new user.

This started happening to me two days ago on the Friday, is it the same with you guys?

Have you tried clearing your cache files ?
Under Tools > Clear Private Data; or Ctrl + Shift + Delete

I am having this problem as well. I am also with AOL.

This sometimes happen to me for a while, but it usually is alrite after a few days. Im going to leave it for a while and hope it fixed it self.

(Im Using Netgear router also)

Clearing private data doesn't help...I hope it would sort itself out in a few days if it randomly happen with AOL Broadband.... I've only been using AOL for the past 3 months......stupid bro signed up just to get a free laptop TT

I have FF set to clear private data every time I shut it down, that includes clearing out my cache.

...I hate AOL so much...

There's got to be a problem with AOL, because it seems that we AOL users are the ones being affected. The ads on this page time out, certain pages refuse to load, and it seems that those of us who can use the AOL browser can access the sites normally through there.


We aren't on AOL for much longer (I hope), as they have always been... mediocre at best, and glitchy, laggy, and irritating at worst. Here's hoping we can find a solution. Maybe a global virus will erase all traces of AOL from the surface of the earth.'s hoping.

Well... My problem seems to have resolved.
All website are working with Internet Explorer and Firefox now.

Is everyone else's problem resolved? too! Thank God! Damn AOL for causing unwanted stress!

Yeah, mines working fine now.

I'm still gonna ditch AOL though. If it does this at all, it's pointless. :D

could be just a weekend thing ,LOL@AOL

Blame Pakistan.

They set up a system to block their citizens from seeing YouTube and several other sites that broadcast stuff that violates Islamic regulations.

Their system represented itself as the prime server to access these sites, and then it threw the requests away. But it affected the entire Internet, not just users in Pakistan.

This info was in today's newspaper.

I have been looking online for months and I FINALLY found someone who gave me an easy answer. If you have Malwarebytes Anti-malware, this is the program that is blocking your websites. she said that there is a tab where you can unclick website blocking. I couldnt find it so I just deleted malwarebytes and now all of my websites work again. I really hope this helps you cause it definitely helped me. Good luck

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