It started a while ago, around when I got this game called OBLIVION. I had to upgrade my video card driver to play it, and every now and then the graphics would screw up a bit. It was fine then, but then it started happening on other games, and anything else I did...

Ive tried updating my driver MANY times now. It USED to work a bit, but the screw up in a few weeks, then a few days... Now, it doesn't matter what I do, I can't do anything now but browse the internet (even then, this problem makes it REALLY annoying).

If I play a game, after 5 min or less, the screen freezes, the graphics on it flicker and have all these red, green, and blue line things all over the place. Sometimes when this happens the screen will go black, then show my desktop for a split second, then go black again, and then it repeats till either the computer restarts itself or I do it manually (I can't do anything during that time...). The sound works when this happens though...

If im on the internet, or even just my desktop (it's happening right now...) The screen flickers and those lines or coloured pixels apear everywhere then disapear if I move something over them or scroll down. sometimes the only way to get rid of them is to refresh. When it affects the entire screen, my screen goes black for a second (my mouse usually freezes before this happens) then I get control and refresh the screen until the pixel line colour things are gone. Sometimes though, it gets SO bad, that my computer keeps making the screen go black over and over a few times then resets itself.

Another problem I have is when I watch movies, a scene will go into an infinit loop (this is the ONLY problem my computer has even given me an error message on) but the sound will stay. If I open ANY type of media player it will show the one scene looping (like, half of a second loop) and will stay like this until I reset my computer (though sometimes my computer does this itself). When im listening to music, sometimes the computer will freeze, and the music will go in an extremely annoying loop till the screen goes black and and it goes back to normal.

Ive scanned for viruses and spyware and I have nothing in my computer. Ive checked everything I can but I have NO Idea how to fix this and nothing I search gives me anything to help so Im posting it here... Could someone PLEASE help me? I can barely do ANYTHING on my computer due to this thing...

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