although outlook appears to be working normally none of the emails get through because they seem to get stuck at the scanning stage... i use norton 2006 and have had no problems until recently which seem to coincide with downloading IE7

the scanning mail icon stays on the task bar and my computer wont restart or turn off although everything else works fine.. it seems the only thing i can do is cut the power from my pc

the weird thing is, my partner is having the same problem with his pc.. we share the same internet connection but the computers are not networked

do you think this is some kind of bug? i have googled this problem and have come up with nothing so i am at a complete loss

This little problem is being brought to you by the good'ole boys at M$, if you google "having trouble with email after installing IE7" you may be surprised at number of problems associated with it. M$ has a tendency to foist their unfinished software on the public in the hope that we will have the patience to sort out their problems, and looks like this is just another example of that.

You can try going back to your last good configuration and see if you can restore your OS to a date prior to installing IE7, if not and you want to unistall IE7 you may need to google to find the proper procedure to do this as there seem to be problems associated with this as well.

This is why I have gone to Firefox and have even given up OE in favor of Thunderbird.

There are so many posts regarding the problems that IE7 has generated that I give up in exasperation when trying to find the workarounds that you just know have to exist to the associated problems.

I know I wasn't much help on this one, good luck.

well you did confirm what i suspected so it was a little helpful, thanks for that

Last known good config will be the reg files saved from the last good shutdown. Ur email problem may not have triggered a bad shutdown, so the LKGC probably will not be of much help to you. Sys restore allows you to wind back further, and is the one you should use if windows is working enough to allow you to access it.
Something else to try is to unplug from the net and uninstall your AV program, and then reinstall and update it.
As for IE7, dcc is right. Avoid it once you are clear of it. Looking on from the sidelines, it just does not seem worth the bother.