Does anyone else have problems connecting VOICE on aim with anyone??

I recently discovered my Cable modem firewall blocks the attempt to go voice,but when i add MY COMPUTER to the DMZ zone so the firewall is disabled basically,it still wont connect..... (I have a local firewall also)

I called my friend last night who has AIMPHONELINE and he also has a cable modem (Toshiba) Yet his modem didnt block our voice connection..... I have a PCX 5000 and he has a PCX 2600 if im not mistaken.......

I just dont understand why i havent been able to 'GO VOICE' with anyone for over a year now.......

RAM doesnt have anything to do with it does it?? (I only have 56M (It always used to work))

Then i was wondering if "aimtalk.dll" has something to do with talk connections and if i upgraded THAT FILE to the latest if it would work then....

Im running AIM 5.5.3598ca (Best version,no games no crap)

Thanx all for your help!!!!

Last time i was able to connect voice was 1 1/2 years ago i think and it was a friend who has Win98se (She has AOL installed also),i connected to her fine...... (Im also on 98se)



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