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Here's the situation: My brother goes to all these weird sites (not porn..that I know of), anyhow, somehow he managed to get spyware. I have reformatted his HD before and thought that by him using Mozilla Firefox would prevent any unauthorized downloads. But no, he had to activate ActiveX in Mozilla to play games. Anyhow, now he cannot load into normal mode and he has these files he wants to keep. I can get it into safe mode, but the CD burner and the Internet does not work.

It was in normal mode yesterday, a relief I thought on my part. Now he had the opp to backup all files he needed to. But did he? NO. I backed up the better part of his files, but there are some he still wants. And being how he is, he decided to restart the computer. Why, I ask, why?? It was apparently running slow. OMG!! The boy is driving me crazy. It's in a fragile state, and I get it into normal mode so he can backup his files, and he doesn't take advantage of it. Ugghhh!! Anyhow, now it will NOT start back into normal mode. I can get it into safe mode, and I have tried repairing the registry. Which btw, he thought he would go into and 'modify' to remove the spyware according to various sites about removal. Obviously he did not understand that certain spyware files look very similar to necessary ones. And no, he did not backup the registry before doing so.

Now, back to safe mode. Everything seems fine. The only problem is when I try to access normal mode, the screen is totally blank. I checked the drivers, explorer, the graphic interface. All are fine, afterall, safemode starts with a gui. Are there any suggestions to get past the blank screen??

Thank you for allowing me to vent and all suggestions. Have a wonderful day.

Vostro 1500 had been working fine up until a couple days ago.. Screen is blank now.. When booting up, Windows XP appears to be loading, but after that the screen is blank.. You can see the arrow cursor and move it around on the blank screen.. HELP...... Any suggestions?????

The fact that the graphics is OK in safe mode but not in normal mode suggests that the drivers for your graphics (card?) are compromised.
Check with Hardware Manager whilst in Safe Mode to see if there are any conflicts.

Is this XP or windows 9x?

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Please confirm the operating system first

I am also facing the same problem. I called my tech guy home. he gonna come tomorrow.

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