Im currently using MS Office Outlook 2003 with my ISP service provider's email (my_email@shaw.ca). I recently signed up for a gmail account (my_email@gmail.com) & would like to access my gmail account with Outlook but I would like my gmail acount to have its own seperate folder, just like the current email folder I have now in Outlook with its own: inbox, outbox, sent items, junk E-mails...etc. I dont want all the mail to go into my isp (my_email@shaw.ca) mail folder. I think this has something to do with .pst files but Im not sure. Can someone help me achieve this?

Thank you

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You can manage two accounts of e-mail in Outlook in two ways: with one profile for both or two profiles - one for each.

The easiest is to have two profiles: On control panel you create one profile, and then create your account and one datafile to keep your mail, after this you repeat for the other account. When outlook starts, a window will ask you wich email/account/profile to use. The problem here, is that you will have just one datafile associated and cannot login simultaneously.

The other way is the following: create one profile with your main mail account and also the first datafile, all the mails that will arrive to your outlook client will come to that profile, so in the future you create rules to redirect than to the other account/datafile.

Create a second profile for your second email account and also a second datafile . The new structure is created.

Now enter outlook with your first email/profile and on the menu File, choose New and then Data File and choose your second datafile from your second profile (pst file).

Now you create the rules to redirect the emails when you receive and send emails so the emails from your second email/account/datafile are keeped on the Sent Itens from your second mail.

You can delete the second profile you created since the pst file is accessed from your first profile from now.

I don´t know if there is a easiest way to this, but it works.


Daniel Riecken

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