Hi guys, this you will love!

I just had to format and wipe everything off my desktop after a problem with it 3-4 days ago, and got back running again.

I turned it on earlier and it was black screen, reset and then it ran nearly to desktop, then printed

"Setup was interupted,restoring prior config"

And then it restarted, but went black screen again.
Safe mode hangs at mup.sys, and the other options wont work either.

I thought I'd leave it for a while, and went back to it.

Now get this...

It boots up past the bios bit detects the system is all there, and then shows a blank screen with loads of coloured small rectangles and little faces...

There are some little Pac man people too, with flashing omega symbols, and altogther looks quite jolly.I cant proceed past it.

I thought, hmmm, might have a virus here...but if the pc is gonna die, what a fine way to go!

Its better than a blank screen or a restart loop anyways.

The upside is I used an FTP to load my work earlier today, the bad side is I just got everything loaded back up and this hits.Whats more, I havnt really been browsing the web, mostly installing files and programs onto what was a very nice clean install that was running smoothly.

I recently installed the service pack2 among other things, but it froze during install and I ended the program.
Oh yes, and I cant seem to open the primary dvd-rom either.

Has anyone ever seen or heard something similar.
Is this an end of pc crash, or can I try formatting again?



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Hi again, thanks for the reply.

I sucessfully reformatted the thing, got it up and running ect, but now its died on me.

The next morning when I started it up all I get is black screen - no startup noises and beeps, and no boot sequence.

Damned shame really.

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