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I know what most people think should be done but as I have read vista upgrade is completely different than the old versions of windows. It totally cleans out everything and gives you a clean install. Does anyone care to comment on this. It takes a lot longer to do the upgrade but in the long run it would save me at least 12 or more hours of reinstalling all the software on my computer.

clean install is a better option as quite alot of xp drivers and software will need reinstalled or upgraded as theyve changed the registry a bit

even with the clean install, you have the 'files and settings' transfer option. this way, you can copy all your files and settings to another drive or media, and then re-apply them. you will need to re-install all your applications.

supposedly, upgrade install is suprisingly seamless. It takes so long because it reads through the registry bit by bit, basically knows what it needs to change, and takes care of it. I don't have any information on incompatible programs however.

I would recommend a clean install. From what I've seen, Vista can get cranky during an upgrade. Problems can range from slow performance to a corrupt OS.

Agreed. Basic isn't worth the money you spend. Either go for Premium or Ultimate.

premium is expensive though. its double what xp home is

Not if you already plan on upgrading. vista basic is 200, premium is 240. basically, it's 40 bucks for a good sprinkling of support and media center goodies.

Business is ultimate without any media center, and ultimate has anything anyone will ever need.

It'll even give you a back rub. but only if you have the right usb devices installed.

I've heard of USB Coffee Makers, but a USB back massager?:cheesy:

I'm not gonna google any more ideas for USB toys.

I would never do an OS upgrade. Period.

I had to regretfully upgrade from XP to Vista on my laptop, and it went remarkably well. Of course, I did my homework at sites like IT Manager Connections first.