Would it be possible for someone to provide for me a copy of
the file: United States, North America.est ... from the 2007 program ? ?

I do not want and am not asking for the entire program, just the updated
map for the North America area

Thanks much

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Microsoft Streets and Trips 2007 is an affordable GPS solution. The hardware is very small and accurate. But the software is not well designed for use while driving. It has too many options, buttons and stuff. The font size is too small. If you put the laptop in the passenger seat you can barely read. The full screen mode is nice but all navigation functions are disabled while you are in it. So that, you have to be changing between windowed and full screen modes to change the destination or search for a restaurant nearby.

In general, S&T 2007 is good. I recommend you to setup all your destination before starting your trip, not while driving, it is dangerous.

Enjoy the trips!

Arian Acosta

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