Hey guys, I just recently deleted WMP11 because I couldn't stream WMV video's off Firefox. I tried on IE6 and now I have WMP10 and still it can't stream.

The problem is the audio the visual works fine but the audio is crap nothing, no sound nothing. I can stream audio by itself but Video Streaming doesn't work. It's annoying as hell.

Firefox, XP SP2, WMP10 and tried 5/5 sites.

Help...dear god help....

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If you have uninstalled WMP11 and went back to 10,i would advise doing a SYSTEM RESTORE to before you upgraded to 11. (Might help)

wmp11 is over bloated garbage...

You might have to re-install 10 from scratch....

Good luck my friend :)


Oh, I did, I took off WMP11 and everything that came with it. I reintalled WMP10 from scratch.


Check the following:

- Volume control settings (and check to see if the audio type is checked in Options / Properties).

- Some other device (such as sound events) may be grabbing the soundcard or driver.


I have CCCP and wondering if that could interfere with the WMV streaming?
And nothing is wrong with my sound I can play everything but streaming WMV, and no other devices are taking up the sound or driver.


I can't watch a stream of mozilla and watch something on my WMP at the same time...and I still can't stream WMV on mozilla...COME ON!

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