When I connect the LAN wire (from router or directly the cable modem) the connection keeps toggling between Connected and Disconnected.

I have a Dell Inspiron 6000.

Any help will be appreciated.


Have you tried a new lan wire?

yes...it still gives the same problem...

are you on a battery or on ac?

Maybe the network card is broken . I have a thinkpad and after many years of unplgging and replugging the network card started playing up. At first it would only work if i wiggled the cable in a certain way so the light came on and then held it there, but as time wore on it started working less and less.

good idea! can you try to plug another laptop in there?

When you say "plug another laptop" - what does that mean?

try to connect another computer. if everything work ok on another PC, you have a problem with the laptop, and it can only be fixed in a lab

Or get like a £20 PCMIA ethernet card. If it works with the different card then you know the port is broken.