Hey guys,

I'm posting this in two different forums, since there are two forums for Server questions.

Here's the problem I'm having.
I've created a software package in Group Policies to distribute to the computer when it boots up. It works fine, but for only one computer at a time. I.E., I can boot a computer and the box pops up that says "Installing such and such". So I leave that one alone, and go boot another computer. When the second computer boots it bypasses the installation all together and goes straight to the login screen. But once the installation is finished on computer 1 I can reboot computer 2 and the installation begins. This delima pretty much defeats the purpose of even deploying the package automatically.

I've also ran into a problem where a bunch of the computers won't even recognize the package and bypass it every time.

Here's how I setup my GPO:
I goto AD Users and Computers and right-click on the domain and go properties. From there I goto the Group Policy tab and click New. I leave all of the permissions at default, which I think is to apply the GPO to all authenticated users and authenticated users also have Read priveledges. When I edit the GPO I go to computer config/software settings/software installation. I right-click and go New->Package... and point it to the MSI file of the program I want to install. Instead of browsing for it I type in the full UNC path (as per technet.com) and click Open. It finds it fine so I click close and OK on everything. My distrbution point is in a shared folder which has the default NTFS security permissions set and the share permissions to full control.

Could someone PLEASE give me a hand?
thanks guys.

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great article, i'll read it thoroughly later today!

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