Im probably posting in the wrong spot if so i appologize to you guys. My disk clean up will not work, when I attempt to run it it just freezes approx 1/4 of the way and will never finish. My computer is starting to get slow due to not running the cleanup. Any suggestions on how to fix this problem???

Try running your computer in 'safe mode' and then run disk clean up

how do I get the computer to run in safe mode??

Hit F8 on start up and you can select safe mode from the list. Are you using the computer while trying to use disk clean up if so try to start it at a time when you will not be using it for a few hours and let it run on its own. Using the computer while using disk clean up can greatly increase the time it takes to complete.

Microsoft has confirmed this as an issue and says to clean out your temporary folder before running disk cleanup. Here's what to do:

1) Make sure all windows and programs are closed.
2) Go to Start -->Run
3) Type "%temp%" in the box and press enter.
4) Delete the entire contents of the folder
5) Run disk cleanup

I too had this same problem, but ever since cleaning out the temp folder....not one problem. I hope this helps =)

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