Ok, here's the scoop...of chocolate:

I went to boot up my PC after work today, at about 4:15 PM. It went through it's normal song and dance until after the Windows screen showed up with the blue bar scrolling across the bottom of it. When it was done and before the welcome screen showed up, it reboots itself :(

Then I pressed F8, and got into safe mode with networking. Tried to use System Restore to roll back my system to Saturday...no luck. I tried rolling to yesterday...no luck. Tried running Ad-Aware and there was nothing there that seemed out of the ordinary.

I haven't un/installed any software lately, and now my brain is jello-esque. I have my Hi-Jack This report in case something there seems useful to those who can decipher it:

EDIT: I didn't read the no Hi-Jack This logs in this forum until after my post. I have it if you want it, I'll just PM or email it to you.

Good luck you computer pr0s.

~ Steve-0

Post your HijackThis log in the Visuses, Spyware and Nasties forum section if you wish..

I have to recommend Last known good configuration as it saved my work's email server from certain death, and me a certain head ache for the next few days.

I tried to use the Last known good configuration, and no dice :(

I'm sorta scared I have to reformat...I hate formatting. But I guess I'll give posting my hi-jack this log a try. Thanx for the help :cool:

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