My internet explorer and msn (any microsoft products) does not work with the internet even though I'm connected.

As a result I have been using Netscape and Opera and ICQ which all work fine.

I have tried to
-reset my settings to explorer and that didn't fix the problem.
-I tried to reinstall explorer in add/remove, but when it restarted nothing happened and the icon is gone from add/remove.
-Reinstall from CD, it says that I already have the lastes version so I can't install.

I have no idea what could be wrong, it just stopped working one day after my computer froze while playing an online game.

Please help. Thanks

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delete it from ur registry and reinstall or if your system restore goes back to when u didnt have this problem then do that


Have you checked your system for Adware/Spyware infections? They can cause the type of problems you describe, and it would be good to determine if they play a part in your problems.

Have a read through the posts in our Security forum for information about how to get and use most-often recommended (and free) program that you can run to detect and remove any malicious pests that might have infested your system. Links to some of the utilities are are also in my sig file below.

*Note that if you do find Spyware/Adware/etc. to be part of the issue, please start a separate thread in the Security forum which details what you've found; we really want to keep "malware"-related questions concentrated in that forum rather than have them spread throughout the other forums.



DMR, your were right, it was all because of spyware. I downloaded ad-aware and it detected 85 files, after I removed them everything was back to normal.

Thanks again!

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