Hey ALL !
I have an Acer Aspire 5102 WLMI , lap top computer that is loaded with Windows XP Media Center Edition . It has 896 MB of RAM . This is the slowest starting computer around ! I have checked it for viruses and it is clean. I have removed approx. 10 items from the start up menue and it still takes 6 minutes for the thing to finish loading AVG and Zone Alarm. and all it's little icons at the bottom. . It has AVG anti virus and also has Zone alarm fire wall. It has only used 14.6 GB and has 38.5 GB Free space. Under " My Computer it lists 2 HARD DISK drives.....One is Acer "C" drive and the other is Acerdata drive (D). The (C) drive says it has 38.4 GB of free space with a total size of 53.1 GB . The (D) drive says that it has 53.6 GB of free space and 53.6 total size.
Here is a list of the items that NOW load at start up......
dumprep 0 -u
Acer Empowering T...
One item does not give it's name or the Command
On the desk top there appears a "tool bar called the "Empowering Technology Toolbar". I wonder how much that thing effects the speed of this computer ? Can I rid this computer of THAT tool bar ?
Can anyone help me speed this thing up ?
I appreciate all that this sight has to offer and I'm proud to be a part of it !
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Sometimes some window files gets corrupted which slows down the startup of the computer. And sometimes a missing driver does that. So first of all try reinstalling all drivers, then go to run >> write msconfig and press enter >> and there in the startup list disable every application that is not related to your OS main functions. And after that restart your computer. If it is still slow try reinstalling windows or format.

Thanks kb.net for your reply !!! I'm not sure how to reinstall drivers or even see if some of my drivers are missing. Do I need a special program to do this ? The computer doesn't have an "external" recovery cd.....it has an internal one. I have thought about doing a full destructive recovery, whats your thoughts about this ?
All your help and wisdom is appreciated very much !!!
Thank you !

With typing 'msconfig' into 'Run' , be sure to keep checked anything that says windows in the location, otherwise un-tick all the others, this can be found on the 'Start-up' tab.
To re-install your drivers simply do the following:
Open Control Panel -> Click on System -> click onto the 'Hardware' tab -> Click onto the 'Device Manager' Button -> Right Click onto any of the Devices shown on the list and click 'Update Driver' -> Follow the Wizard through to see if the Wizard can find a better driver than you have at present.
Hope That helps.

Hey there Serunson....
I tried EVERYTHING that you suggested and it seemed that nothing made a difference. After much effort and time put into this, I went ahead and RECOVERED it back t the way it was when first purchased. I want to thank you for ALL your kind wisdom and taking the time to work with me on this !!! Thank you !!!
I'm proud to be a part of Daniweb !