Hi there! I am trying to burn a DVD with Nero vision express. This is something that I have done multiple times, and am not new at. I had to reinstall Nero because after using it for a week I get an error... ever time I reinstall! But I fixed that problem, and now I am on to a new one. I am trying to add 13 files to the DVD, totally around 4.2 GB. When I add these files however, NVE tells me that the files total around 32 GB! I am at a loss.... However, before I deactivated the nerofiltercheck service, NVE was telling me that my mpeg4 encoder licensing had expired or something! But now it doesn't say that, and it doesn't seem like that would matter until I actually went to burn the DVD right? Can anyone help? Thanks so much.

What type of files are you adding to this dvd? are you burning a dvd-r for playback in a dvd player?

as you seem to use Nero quite a bit, you'll know that when you burn video files (avi, etc) it converts them to DVD files (.vob, etc) which makes them quite large.

Honestly, that thought hadn't occurred to me... Now I feel dumb... Looking back at the last DVD I burned, I realized that the multiple files only added up to 800 MB and still filled the DVD when encoded. LoL Live and learn I guess? Thanks for responding anyway, I will see if I can use Quicktime to compress these files some more.

I used nero vision for a little while but it kept getting the sync of the voices off, and it would annoy me terribly when I watched them on my DVD player. So now I don't use anything.

Try Roxio DVDit Pro! Really nice Hollywood quality production... Well, if you can pull that off!