I'm hoping someone can help me. I have Windows XP. Last Thursday I had no problem accessing the internet. Our provider is Comcast. As of last Friday I can not longer get onto the internet. It keeps saying page cannot be displayed. I'm showing a network connection between Comcast and the computer, but nothing at all when I try to get on.

any suggestions?



Go to your command prompt and type this ipconfig /all then a list of your connections will come up. Make sure your ip address your mask and gateway match your network settings

I'm sorry but I'm totally computer illiterate. What is my command prompt? And how do I know if they all match?

oh ok Sorry about that.
Go to Start Menu and click on Run. Type cmd then hit enter. A Direct operating system window will come up. Then you type this ipconfig /all and hit enter. Those numbers need to match your comcast subnet mask and Default gateway(get these from your provider). If they dont I will tell you how to change them.

Okay, I am in work right now but I will try it when I get home and then get back to you in the morning with any other questions. Thanks so much for your help.

Is there a reason that this happened over nite?

No idea what might have caused it, and this might not even be the problem, just the first thing I can think of to check what the problem is.

I went home yesterday and did what you told me. here is what I got back....

Primary Dns suffix blank
Node type unknown
IP routing enabled no
DNS Suffix search list hsd1.nj.comcast.net

Ethernet adapter Local area connection
connection - specific DNS suffic - hsd1.nj.comcast.net
Physical address 00-11-11-81-D8-F9
Dhcp enabled yes
Autoconfig enabled yes
IP address
Subnet mask
Default Gateway
DHCP server
DNS servers

Any help you can give me is greatly appreciated!

Can you ping, say, google?
In that cmd window of before, type, or paste:
ping www.google.com
You should get a reply within a sec. I'll have to leave it to kylcrow to comment on the ipconfig result cos it means very little to me.

I don't know if I can ping google or not. I am in work and my troubled computer is at home. I will try that though.

Have you tried resetting your router (either through turning on and off, or a setting somewhere which your instructions should tell you). That could work.

Also your firewall might have flipped and is blocking everything but ping results should indicate that.

I actually got it fixed. It had something to do with my IP address. Thanks to everyone who helped me. It was greatly appreciated.