I am in a real bad way! My "D" drive just for NO reason died, it was formatted NTFS, had all my MP3s on it, and now for no reason when windows started up, it was running CHKDSK and saying all these file record segments were unreadable. Well finally I bypassed that as it was not getting me anywhere and when I look at the disk now its just labeled as "Local Disk" and is RAW format now! HOW the HECK could this just HAPPEN????? PLEASE help me someone, and is there ANYWAY to get my files back?


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Would SOMEBODY PLEASE HELP ME!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?

There are many ways this could have happened. It is very possible that Windows was attempting to fix the problem for you, and, since you cancelled the chkdsk, it was left in an unusable state. You can try to repair the partition with GetDataBack.

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