avg free is supposed to work on vista.. i have vista ultimate on a dell xps710 but as i install avg antivirus it bluescreens and says driver irql not less or equal, fwpkc1nt.sys address etc google search of this file gives no results..it must be an avg file..ive unistalled avg and got it a few times..every time avg install causes blue screens...any one know whats wrong??? on avg forums someone said u must run avg as an administrator when u install it..so i did but i still get bluescreens...thanks microsoft 1 hour into a new os and im left with unusable pc !!

can you be more specific on the BSOD? what does it say?
if you google your problem you can come up with a solution, as you see, many people have had the same problem.

to the first who replied..what more info could u need?? ive identified it as an avg free problem or vista causes an issue with avgfree. microsoft if its you im not surprised your the cause of more stress in the world than anything else..no woner vista isnt a slaes frenzy. if its avg ive told there forums..i couldnt wait for avg to acept resposibility or fix it so i got avira antivirus instead from download.com ..if anyone does find out what was wrong in avg id still like to know, heres to the next 1000 bluescreens im sure ill get in next few years!