Greetings all,

I am a new member to the forum so please bear with me if I'm not completely with the protocol for this forum !

I have an Advent 3000 PC, with a Windows XP Home Edition operating system.

I recently had serious problems with the PC, and I downloaded a trial version of Norton Ghost, version 12, to back up my entire system before I tried some serious recovery work.

Ghost would only allow me to copy selected folders to an external hard drive, and I was unable to make a full image of my hard drive/operating system. Using Ghost, I copied the Documents and settings folder and a copy of my Outlook pst files to my external backup drive.

I've since had to completely re-install windows, and I now need to access the backed up files on my external drive. I had to download and re-install Norton Ghost 12 again, which has gone ok, but when I run the software it cannot detect any 'recovery point' to work from. It will also not let me complete a 'File and Folder' recovery.

I can see the backup files clearly on my external HD, but Ghost cannot recover the data to my C drive ! The complication is that Ghost has broken my backed up folders into smaller units and given them numerical file names!!!! This prevents me from simply copying and pasting the files from the backup drive onto my main hard drive. Can anyone assist me here, as I desperately need the backups of my Outlook pst files to carry on business.

Several times I faced the situation when I needed to recover deleted files. And I used MultiStage Recovery file recovery tool.
As advertised, it employs every single feature of NTFS and FAT file systems to recover files quickly and efficiently. And it seems to be true. But
the program supports only Windows.