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Please can you privide us with some more information such as:

  • What OS do you run and which service pack is it?
  • Make + Model of PC
  • USB version (1.1 or 2.0?)
  • Do you know what brand and model of motherboard you have? (may need to reinstall chipset drivers)

If you need help finding this information for us, we can assist you.


You need to be logged into an administrator-level account to do this (if you can install things etc.. that that means you are)

Go into control panel and choose "System" (i think holding down the windows/start menu key and pushing pause/break works too)

It should look like the picture i have attatched. Do not ever show anyone the windows serial number (the bit i have blanked out on mine)

The bits i am interested in are which version of windows and which service pack


thats good (i was checking as XP SP1 and vista have USB problems sometimes)

When did the problem start?

If your PC has other USB ports on the back try them (sometimes the front usb ports can break from being used too many times)


It started a good 3 months ago with the printer not working Once i got a mp3 player and wasn't able to load things i figured out it wus the USB ports

I tried the back ones also but they're not reading either


I think you may need to reinstall your motherboard/chipset drivers. Consult your PC manufacturers website for these

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