So i need some majjoorrr help...

Ok so I am doign a Spanish class online and in order to pass you you have to speak some of the things they say into the microphone and submit it into a post. My microphone was working perfectly fine until like 2 days ago. My teacher cant hear what I posted, and when I preview what i say, i cant hear it either. I checked in the volume control and its not muted. I'm 100% sure my mic is properly connected, it has a USB to connect it the the computer. PLEASE HELP!

Have you had a Virus infection recently that may have upset the drivers?
If so, delete the virus and reinstall the drivers. Also it may be worth checking if newer drivers are available. What make is the microphone?

No, i dont think i have a Virus. My mic is from Logitech. So what do i do?

Very odd, that a mic would just stop working...
Re-install the drivers from the CD that came with the mic when you first bought it, reboot your machine then try again.
Just to test before you do that, go into Control Panel, then go onto Speech and you should have a text to speech option available. Then talk into ur mic to test that the mic level moves up and down to the volume of your voice.

When I got the mic, it didnt have a CD or just had the mic.

I went to the control panel and clicked on speech, and it says "Voice Selection: Microsoft Sam" and then to click and preview his voice, and also Voice Speed.

Find some drivers for the make and model on Logitech website:
Then search for the make and model of you microphone and look for the drivers.

They only have a picture of the mic i have to buy it. I went onto support and downloads, and they didnt have a microphone option. So i clicked on speakers and audio..didnt work. Then i went to internet headsets and phones..that didnt work either.

mmm, very weird go back into the control panel, then add hardware. Try to install drivers for it maually.

Ok..I have alot of choices to install..which one do i choose..theres USB Audio Devices, Audio Codecs..they dont have anything for Logitech.

Choose USB audio devices, that will instal the standard parts for windows for any audio device through a USB.


Do as suggeted below :

  • Right click on My Computer icon,
  • Choose Properties there,
  • Sytem Properties window will be opened there,
  • Go to Hardware Tab,
  • after that click on Device manager,
  • A new window will be opend there, now navigate to USB (Universal Serial Bus), and expand the + sign to -

At last plug in your USB MIC and let me know if you see there any changes right after you plugint the MIC.

Let me know how it goes.
Regards ! :cool:

After downloading window 7 pre-sale i find out my mic did not work, could not fix it in the sound system property. My speakers work ok

I try that first and even change the mic.