Hi this is my first time posting I´m a student in Argentina and own a small cyber cafe
My problem is having to install a game on every computer, it is time consuming.

Well a person offered me ( for a considerable price) to install about 150 popular games on a 2003 server from which all the other client pc will run the game from. he explained that the only requirements is that all pc´s in the network has to have gigabite 1000mbs lan cards, that the pc´s have to have just minimum requirements for the games and a hardisk of no more the 20gbs enough for windows xp. everything else will be installed and runned from the server and that a small executable will be installed on the clients which has the interface, from there you login ,start the game from a list and save your game.

ok i´m not a guru but I don´t think a server can graciously handle 20 pcs playing games (like NFS,fifa2008,battlefield,lineage etc...) at the same time.

Is this posible? and how? I would like to set it up on my own.

thank you before hand for you time.

I know the local gamer cafe's around here use a group policy install, basically distributing fromt he server but each has its own copy of a game and license. I do not know exactly how they have it setup but your best bet might be talking to other places like the one you run. The biggest problem I see for running from one server is even if it could handle running say 20 BF2142 clients playing on different servers is punkbuster looking for the CD key because that to my knowledge is only going to be able to access 1 key and thus 1 player at a time.