As unlikely as it may sound, Elvis Presley has been cloned.

OK, it's a fair cop, not your actual Elvis Presley but rather his passport. According to reports a gang of Dutch hackers have managed to clone RFID driven e-passports of the type we are always being told are highly secure.

More to the point, the group not only cloned an e-passport in the name of Elvis Aaron Presley, but actually managed to use it at Schiphol Airport near Amsterdam.

Because an unmanned, automatic passport reading scanner was used at the airport nobody was around to notice that the hacker was not, for want of a more tactful way of putting it, pushing up the daisies.

At least in Europe there is still some choice in passport types, in the US e-passports are now the only option.

This is not the first time they have been cloned, and it will not be the last. Maybe the authorities will take notice when instead of announcing that Elvis has left the airport, a terrorist organization reveals how it used clone passports during the course of some atrocity.

This particular hacking group even have a video of their Elvis exploits for all to see at The Hacker's Choice site, showing how no alerts were raised as the long dead Elvis passed the document through the scanner.

They also publish full details, including source code, of how they did the cloning. Just in case anyone else, including terrorists we have to assume, fancy having a go.

Elvis never died lol. Couldn't they think of something more clever then elvis like getting a passport for dolly the sheep (the first ever cloned sheep who is now dead)