I have a home network with a domain server. All workstation addresses are DCHP allocated except 2 printers (, and .14) and a wireless access point (

All computers can print and all can surf the Internet.

One computer (XP pro) cannot open the management page of a printer ( or the Wireless Access Point ( It can ping the hardware but Internet Explorer v 7 cannot open the management page. Explorer shows HTTP 440 Bad Request. Sometimes I can see the name of the device appear in the heading for Ie and then the bad request message.

The only computer with a wireless access works fine.

The server ( can open the page for printer and access point and a computer using XP Home can open the management page for both.

Security is set for medium in Ie

The printer with is a recent addition, the others at least a year old.

Gateway is which has the server and Internet Cable Modem

Subnet mask is

Could be an IE security or active content problem. You might try downlooading Firefox and see if it can access the printer site. Are all PCs using IE7?