Our main server is running Windows 2000 adv server and basically running as a local file server, terminal server and application server.
We have two other company branches in other parts of the country connecting via VPN (terminal services)to our main server using an accounting package developed for our needs.

The main server has two network cards on the same network. This makes it appear that there are two servers on the network with the same name. This is NOT correct. It was done to address the speed problem with terminal server sessions. It appears to work most of the time. When the routing gets "confused" the terminal server sessions will come to a grinding halt that will need the servers to be restarted to rectify the problems.
This issue is the main contributor to errors being logged by the servers in their respective event viewers informing us about one network adapter that keeps disconnecting and then reconnecting.
We are running accounting applications and when this happens the program crashes.

Is there a way to streamline this process and keep the network adapter from disconnections?

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Can you split the network into two physical networks, with terminal servers on one and rest of users on other. Then connect one network card to one and other to other network.


Hi agin,

I have just reread your post - is it always same network card that is disconnecting ?

If so please check there is no ip number clash. If not the card might be failing and need replacing.


It's the same card that disconnects, the cards have seperate IP addresses .1 and .2.
They will most likely have to be seperated at some point due to increase in strain placed on our main server.



Do the ip numbers clash with other equipment on network ?

I feel one of the cards has a fault and I would replace the one that keeps going down. See if problem goes away.

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