Alright, I can ping properly (as far as I know), but when I try to use an explorer (mozilla or ie) the page doesn't time out, it simply stays white, with the status bar saying "done" on the bottom.

Here's my ipConfig /all

Host Name . . . . : X
Primary Dns Suffix :
Node Type . . . . : Broadcast
IP Routing Enabled. . . . . : No
WINS Proxy Enabled. . . . : No
DNS Suffix Search List. . . :


Connection-specific DNS Suffix :
Description . . . . . : NVIDIA nForce Networking Controller
Dhcp Enabled : Yes
Autoconfiguration enabled: Yes
IP Address : 192.168.1.xx
Subnet Mask:
Default Gateway:
DHCP Server:
DNS Servers:

As you can see, I'm running behind a router. The wireless connection works on another system fine. I'm thinking it may have something to do with the Ethernet card, but I'm not 100%. Any ideas?

Hey I have a somewhat familiar problem in windows vista, i can ping the web, tracert etc... but the browsers (Internet Explorer, and Mozilla Firefox) don't work, I've even disabled the firewall.
But the browsers response is always a "timeout" or the "server is too busy".
However I can access the router (wireless) configuration site (

Any ideas?


PS - just found this, not sure if it helps, i'll try it later.

You lose Internet connectivity after you install Windows Vista Beta 2 on a computer that is behind a home router or gateway
After you install Windows Vista Beta 2 on a computer that is connected to certain home routers or gateways, you may lose Internet connectivity. You may be able to ping Internet sites from the computer, but you cannot browse any Web sites or communicate across the home network to any other computers by using TCP/IP.

Note Connectivity to resources that are located behind the same router or gateway is not affected. Also, this issue does not affect connectivity from other computers that are behind the same router or gateway. This issue affects wireless and wired hosts in the same manner.
This issue occurs because the router or gateway does not support Windows Scaling. By default, Windows Scaling is a new feature in Windows Vista Beta 2 that is enabled. This feature is Internet standards based (RFC 1323). If the router or gateway does not support this feature correctly, the router of gateway may drop packets that use this feature. Because of these dropped packets, the TCP connection cannot be established. TCP is used by most network-based applications. Therefore, Internet connectivity is lost.
A resolution for this issue is available as critical update 920698 on the Windows Update Web site and the Microsoft Update Web site. The following files are available for download from the Microsoft Download Center:

Windows Vista Beta 2 and Windows Code Name "Longhorn" Server Beta 2:
DownloadDownload the Windows6.0-KB920698-v1-x86-EN-US.MSU package now. (

Windows Vista Beta 2 and Windows Code Name "Longhorn" Server Beta 2 (x64 Editions):
DownloadDownload the Windows6.0-KB920698-v1-x64-EN-US.MSU package now. (

Windows Code Name "Longhorn" Server Beta 2 (Itanium-based Systems):
DownloadDownload the Windows6.0-KB920698-v1-ia64-EN-US.MSU package now. (

Note This article contains all the information for this update. A separate article that describes this update is not available.

Alright, got it working, what i did was:
updated the laptop broadband network card drivers, this didn't work
then i:
- Resetted to the router configuration
- reconfigured the router with a diferent encritption :
- and a key
(stated in the router manual: AES is even more secure than TKIP and faster than WEP. Highly recommended if your client devices support it. A WPA-PSK (Pre-shared key) must be inputted.)
- also mac filtering.

hope it helps.

I think it was resetting the router that did it rather than anything else you've changed.