Hey Folks - We need your help. We were hoping, we could gain from your experience with implementing server virtualization. When should we be using Red Hat Virtualization, Citrix Virtualization, Xen Virtualization, Microsoft Virtualization, Oracle Virtualization and VMWare. I will be very interested in learning from your first hand experince. I will also like to know, under what situations is one virtualization prefered over the other. - Thanks for your help

In most of my past dealings with Novell Vmware is preferable. The Drivers for the virtual NIC's are pre-loaded with Vmware workstation, Server and ESX so you wont have any problems there, i also tried a Netware 6 server on MS Virutal PC with decent results but i found that vmwares management features worked best for me

Xen on SLES10 is pretty straightforward and fast in my experience. I was able to deploy Xen using SLES10 on two Sun x64 Server (X2100 M2). Each machine runs two SLES10's (1 Dom0, 1 DomU). YAST comes equipped with the virtualization tools needed to manage your Xen deployments. You'd have to boot to the Xen-enabled kernel by default though.